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Auditing For Dummies
by Maire Loughran

The easy way to master the art of auditing

Want to be an auditor and need to hone your investigating skills? Look no further. This friendly guide gives you an easy-to-understand explanation of auditing — from gathering financial statements and accounting information to analyzing a client’s financial position. Packed with examples, it gives you everything you need to ace an auditing course and begin a career today.

  • Auditing 101 — get a crash course in the world of auditing and a description of the types of tasks you’ll be expected to perform during a typical day on the job
  • It’s risky business — find out about audit risk and arm yourself with the know-how to collect the right type of evidence to support your decisions
  • Auditing in the real world — dig into tons of sample business records to perform your first audit
  • Focus on finances — learn how both ends of the financial equation — balance sheet and income statement — need to be presented on your client’s financial statements
  • Seal the deal — get the lowdown on how to wrap up your audit and write your opinion
  • After the audit — see the types of additional services that may be asked of you after you’ve issued your professional opinion

The Operational Auditing Handbook
by Andrew Chambers, Graham Rand

Never out of print since 1997, and substantially updated for thissecond edition, The Operational Auditing Handbook has earnedan international reputation as a hands-on, practical manual forinternal auditors and managers to enable them to carry out auditsand reviews of a wide range of business activities including:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Purchasing
  • Operations and production
  • Marketing and sales
  • Distribution
  • Personnel and management development
  • Research and development
  • Information technology
  • Security
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Subsidiaries and remote operating units

The Operational Auditing Handbook clarifies theunderlying issues, risks and objectives for a wide range ofoperations and activities and is a professional companion, withmany checklists, for those who design self-assessment and auditprogrammes of business processes in all sectors.  Reflectingthe strategic importance of information technology today, thissecond edition is considerably expanded in this area with leadingedge material. Other completely new material includes clear,authoritative guidance on how to achieve effective of governance,risk management and internal control processes.

Auditing Theory
by Ian Dennis

Auditing is generally considered to be a particularly practical discipline. This hampers theoretical research, as does its complex nature. The unquestioning acceptance and implementation of rules governing auditing practice could lead to poor outcomes. This book provides a theory of auditing that underpins auditing practice.

Identifying the objectives of auditing in the context of financial reporting, this book examines underlying beliefs to provide a deeper understanding of the concepts of auditing. In analyzing the field from a theoretical perspective, the author encounters important concepts such as materiality, verification, evidence, risk and professional judgement. Philosophical ideas about the social construction of reality are employed to explain the role of theory in a building block of the business world.

This book is vital reading for auditing scholars globally, whilst its conclusions offer an interesting case study in the philosophy of professional judgement

Internal Audit Handbook
by Henning Kagermann, William Kinney, Karlheinz Küting, Claus-Peter Weber

Everything starts with an idea, and this book is no exception. At frst, the various thoughts and discussions were focused on the original intention to “merely” create a job introduction for new Internal Audit employees. Tis plan has since evolved into a comprehensive, up-to-date presentation of the tasks and challenges facing Internal Audit, in a format and on a scale hitherto unrivalled in the market. Tere are very few units in the company that have been subject to such a m- jor change process in recent years as Internal Audit. Tis applies irrespective of company size as corporations adapt to developments in information technology, corporate governance, legal requirements, and global best practices. For large co- porations, the change process typically involves restructuring, expanding, and i- ternationalizing the existing department, while smaller and medium-sized comp- nies face the challenges associated with setting up such a department for the frst time. For this reason, we have not produced this book with a specifc audience or sector in mind. Rather, we have tried to present the idea of Internal Audit so comprehensively that readers can get from it the information they require for their particular situations. Te target audience of this handbook could not be more varied, and we hope that a large cross-section of managers and employees from Internal Audit, compl- ance, risk, and corporate management will beneft from reading it.

Intermediate Accounting For Dummies
by Maire Loughran

The easy way to master an intermediate accounting course

Intermediate accounting courses are required for students seeking bachelor’s degrees in accounting and often for degrees in finance, business administration, and management. Intermediate Accounting For Dummies provides you with a deeper and broader level of accounting theory, serving as an excellent course supplement and study guide to help you master the concepts of this challenging program.

With easy-to-understand explanations and realworld examples, Intermediate Accounting For Dummies covers all the topics you’ll encounter in an intermediate accounting course: the conceptual framework of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), financial ratio analysis, equity accounting, investment strategies, financial statement preparation, and more

  • Tracks to a typical intermediate accounting curriculum
  • Expert information and real-world examples
  • Other titles from Loughran: Financial Accounting For Dummies and Auditing For Dummies

With the help of Intermediate Accounting For Dummies, you’ll discover the fast and easy way to take the confusion out of the complex theories and methods associated with a typical intermediate accounting course.

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