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Advances in Information and Computer Security
by Tetsu Iwata, Masakatsu Nishigaki

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Security, IWSEC 2011, held in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2011. The 14 revised full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 45 submissions. They address all current issues in information and computer security such as foundations of security, security in networks and ubiquitous computing systems, and security in real life applications. The papers are organized in topical sections on software protection and reliability; cryptographic protocol; pairing and identity based signature; malware detection; mathematical and symmetric cryptography; public key encryption.

Practical Poker Math
by Pat Dittmar

The dark side of humanity is explored in this electrifying science fiction thriller in which an epidemic virus terrorizes the earth. Causing its inhabitants to strike out on murderous rampages, the virus is caught through conversation and, once contracted, leads its host on a strange journey?into another world where the undead roam the streets of the smallest towns and largest cities, hungry for human flesh. Describing in chilling detail what it would be like if thousands suddenly caught such a virus and struck out on a mass, never-ending, cannibalistic spree, this terrifying narrative is perfect for those who are ready to explore their darkest secret imaginings through a sinister and compelling literary work of art. This new edition includes a new afterword on the making of the new motion picture.

by Eldad Eilam

Beginning with a basic primer on reverse engineering-includingcomputer internals, operating systems, and assembly language-andthen discussing the various
applications of reverse engineering, this book provides readerswith practical, in-depth techniques for software reverseengineering. The book is broken into two parts, the first dealswith security-related reverse engineering and the second exploresthe more practical aspects of reverse engineering. In addition, theauthor explains how to reverse engineer a third-party softwarelibrary to improve interfacing and how to reverse engineer acompetitor’s software to build a better product.
* The first popular book to show how software reverse engineeringcan help defend against security threats, speed up development, andunlock the secrets of competitive products
* Helps developers plug security holes by demonstrating how hackersexploit reverse engineering techniques to crack copy-protectionschemes and identify software targets for viruses and othermalware
* Offers a primer on advanced reverse-engineering, delving into”disassembly”-code-level reverse engineering-and explaining how todecipher assembly language

The Other
by Ryszard Kapuscinski

In this distillation of reflections accumulated from a lifetime of travel, Ryszard Kapuscinski takes a fresh look at the Western idea of the Other. Looking at this concept through the lens of his own encounters in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and considering its formative significance for his own work, Kapuscinski traces how the West has understood the non-European from classical times to the present day. He observes how in the twenty-first century we continue to treat the residents of the Global South as hostile aliens, objects of study rather than full partners sharing responsibility for the fate of humankind.

In our globalised but increasingly polarised world, Kapuscinski shows how the Other remains one of the most compelling ideas of our times.

Understanding Educational Statistics Using Microsoft Excel and SPSS
by Martin Lee Abbott

Utilizing the latest software, this book presents the essentialstatistical procedures for drawing valuable results from data inthe social sciences.

Mobilizing interesting real-world examples from the field ofeducation, Understanding Educational Statistics Using MicrosoftExcel and SPSS supplies a seamless presentation that identifiesvaluable connections between statistical applications and researchdesign. Class-tested to ensure an accessible presentation, the bookcombines clear, step-by-step explanations and the use of softwarepackages that are accessible to both the novice and professionalalike to present the fundamental statistical practices fororganizing, understanding, and drawing conclusions from educationalresearch data.

The book begines with an introduction to descriptive andinferential statistics and then proceeds to acquaint readers withthe various functions for working with quantitative data in theMicrosoft Excel environment, such as spreadsheet navigation;sorting and filtering; and creating pivot tables. Subsequentchapters treat the procedures that are commonly-employed whenworking with data across various fields of social science research,including:

  • Single-sample tests
  • Repeated measure tests
  • Independent t-tests
  • One way ANOVA and factorial ANOVA
  • Correlation
  • Bivariate regression
  • Chi square
  • Multiple regression

Individual chapters are devoted to specific procedures, eachending with a lab exercise that highlights the importance of thatprocedure by posing a research question, examining the questionthrough its application in Excel and SPSS, and concluding with abrief research report that outlines key findings drawn from theresults. Real-world examples and data from modern educationalresearch are used throughout the book, and a related Web sitefeatures additional data sets, examples, and labs, allowing readersto reinforce their comprehension of the material.

Bridging traditional statistical topics with the latest softwareand applications in the field of education, UnderstandingEducational Statistics Using Microsoft Excel and SPSS is anexcellent book for courses on educational research methods andintroductory statistics in the social sciences at theupper-undergraduate and graduate levels. It also serves as avaluable resource for researchers and practitioners in the fieldsof education, psychology, and the social sciences who require astatistical background to work with data in their everydaywork.

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