Authors : Eric Albert, WILLIAMS, Daniel Steinberg, James Hart, John Hopkins
Publisher : Apress
Published Date : 2001-11-14
ISBN-13 : 9781861006110
Page : 197 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions EA MAC OS X JA,

Mac OS X is a UNIX-based operating system that runs on some of the finest hardware in the world. it comes with some excellent development tools, and a first-class Java 2 Standard Edition implementation, including a HotSpot client virtual machine, tied right into the operating system. Apple has made Java a first-class citizen of Mac OS X, and this book shows how Java developers can take advantage of the power they’ve been given. Using Java as a development language on Mac OS X, you can write portable pure Java applications that run and look like native programs, or you can develop programs that exploit the Cocoa programming interface, allowing you to build powerful Mac OS X applications and take advantage of all the functionality provided by Apple’s exciting Aqua UI. You can also exploit native operating-system functionality without writing any C or C+ + code, through APIs such as JDirect. This book explains to the experienced Java developer where to start, what’s possible, and where to go. Who is this book for? Mac OS X is a new operating system for almost everybody. Mac users may feel slightly more at home with some aspects of its interface, but anybody coming from a UNIX background will also find familiar features that Mac users will find totally alien. Therefore, this book doesn’t make any assumptions about whether you come from a Mac or non-Mac background. What it does assume, however, is that you’re reasonably experienced with Java, or perhaps in the process of learning it.

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