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Introduction to Parallel Algorithms

Authors : C. Xavier, S. S. Iyengar
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
Published Date : 1998-08-05
ISBN-13 : 9780471251828
Page : 365 Pages
Language : en

Descriptions Introduction to Parallel Algorithms

Parallel algorithms Made Easy

The complexity of today’s applications coupled with the widespreaduse of parallel computing has made the design and analysis ofparallel algorithms topics of growing interest. This volume fills aneed in the field for an introductory treatment of parallelalgorithms-appropriate even at the undergraduate level, where noother textbooks on the subject exist. It features a systematicapproach to the latest design techniques, providing analysis andimplementation details for each parallel algorithm described in thebook. Introduction to Parallel Algorithms covers foundations ofparallel computing; parallel algorithms for trees and graphs;parallel algorithms for sorting, searching, and merging; andnumerical algorithms. This remarkable book:
* Presents basic concepts in clear and simple terms
* Incorporates numerous examples to enhance students’understanding
* Shows how to develop parallel algorithms for all classicalproblems in computer science, mathematics, and engineering
* Employs extensive illustrations of new design techniques
* Discusses parallel algorithms in the context of PRAM model
* Includes end-of-chapter exercises and detailed references onparallel computing.

This book enables universities to offer parallel algorithm coursesat the senior undergraduate level in computer science andengineering. It is also an invaluable text/reference for graduatestudents, scientists, and engineers in computer science,mathematics, and engineering.

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