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Introductory mycology
by Constantine John Alexopoulos, Charles W. Mims

A botanical text examining the structure, form, and classification of fungi

by Alexopoulos

Market_Desc: · Mycologists· Biologists· Botanists· Junior/Senior level Students· Professors of Mycology

Special Features: · The book presents a classification system that more accurately reflects current thoughts about relationships of fungi, based on results of both morphological and molecular studies.· It includes information on evolutionary relationships of the fungi as revealed by new molecular approaches.

About The Book: This book is updated and revised to accurately reflect what is currently known about the biology of fungi. The primary thrust of the book is morphology-taxonomy, but also includes interesting and important activities of fungi. The new edition has added more fungal biology (physiology, genetics, ecology), and also provides more information on the evolutionary significance of fungi.

An Introduction to Mycology
by R. S. Mehrotra, K. R. Aneja

The Book Incorporates In A Comparative Manner The Various Important Classifications Of Fungi Given By Different Workers. It Deals With The Morphology, Taxonomy, Life Cycles Of Various Groups Of Fungi And Also Includes The Disease Cycle And Control Measures Of Fungal Pathogens, Responsible For Causing Diseases Of National As Well As International Importance. The Book Has Been Written To Cater To The Needs Of Honours And Postgraduate Students Of Indian Universities. The Aim Of The Book Is To Bring In All The Recent Information In Fungi In One Volume. General Topics Like Heterothallism, Parasexual Cycle, Sex Hormones, Evolutionary Tendencies In Lower Fungi, Evolution Of Conidium From A Sporangium, Sexuality In Ascomycetes With Special Reference To Degeneration And Modification Of Sex Organs, Phylogeny Of Fungi Have Been Discussed At Length. Important Topics Like Ecology, Economic Importance Of Fungi In Various Ways, Applications Of Fungi In Biotechnology And Fungi As Symbionts Of Photobionts, Plants And Insects Has Also Been Discussed In Detail. Appendices Like Important Text And Reference Books, Mycoiogical Journals, Fungal Culture Collection Centres Of The World, Mounting Media And Common Culture Media For Fungi Have Been Included.

Introduction to Fungi
by John Webster, Roland Weber

This new edition of the universally acclaimed and widely-used textbook on fungal biology has been completely re-written, drawing directly on the authors’ research and teaching experience. The text takes account of the rapid and exciting progress that has been made in the taxonomy, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, pathology and ecology of the fungi. Features of taxonomic relevance are integrated with natural functions, including their relevance to human affairs. Special emphasis is placed on the biology and control of human and plant pathogens, providing a vital link between fundamental and applied mycology. The book is richly illustrated throughout with specially prepared drawings and photographs, based on living material. Illustrated life-cycles are provided, and technical terms are clearly explained. Extensive reference is made to recent literature and developments, and the emphasis throughout is on whole-organism biology from an integrated, multidisciplinary perspective.

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