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Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
by Frank K. Reilly, Keith C. Brown

Used extensively by professionals, organizations, and schools across the country, INVESTMENT ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, combines solid theory with practical application in order to help students learn how to manage their money so that they can maximize their earning potential. Filled with real-world illustrations and hands-on applications, this text takes a rigorous, empirical approach to teaching students about topics such as investment instruments, capital markets, behavioral finance, hedge funds, and international investing. It also emphasizes how investment practice and theory are influenced by globalization. In addition, this tenth edition includes new coverage of relevant topics such as the impact of the 2008 financial market crisis, changes in rating agencies and government agencies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, global assets risk-adjusted performance and intercorrelations, and more.
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Investment Analysis 3/E
by Chandra

This book seeks to capture the essence of modern developments in investments and provides a guided tour of the intricate and complex world of investments.Written by a highly acknowledged author and expert, this book:*Describes the characteristics of various investment alternatives available to investors *Discusses how the securities market functions *Explains the techniques used by professionals for analyzing and valuing investment alternatives *Discusses the implications of modern research in the field of investments *Explains how financial derivatives like futures and options are valued *Presents a framework for portfolio management *Provides insights into the strategies followed by the investment wizards of the world *Sensitises the reader to the pitfalls in the investment game *Offers a set of guidelines for investors with varying inclinations

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
by Prasanna Chandra

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
by M. Ranganatham

The world of investment is fascinating and, at the same time, enigmatic. The investor’s behaviour the world over had oscillated between panic and enthusiasm, guided by the psychological forces of fear and greed. What investment should be held? When should an investment be bought? How long an investment should be held? When is the right time to dispose an investment? How can a profit be made through investments? There is no magic mantra that assures investors on these issues. Only knowledgeable investors can minimize investment-related risks through systematic planning and efficient and effective management of their investments. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management helps you gain that knowlegde. It will be useful to academicians and practitioners and offers a scientific approach to investment management, comprehensive coverage of theory, tools, and techniques of investments, a focus on stock market instruments and is richly illustrated to help understand methods of processing investment information.

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